Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Michaela's Favorite Games

We have a little cot set up temporarily in Rafael's room for naptimes when I watch my friend's or sister's kids. Michaela discovered it a while back and every time it gets a little quiet in the house, I know to go look for her there. At first she was just climbing up there to relax. Now she has made it her little fort and I always find random little items that she has pulled up there to play with.

Another current favorite is pushing her stroller all around the house. She puts her baby doll in there sometimes, but more often than not I find her monkey or an easter egg or even a piece of paper. As her own special little twist on this game, she tries to run over the dogs with the stroller as often as possible. When I say "gentle" she runs up to the dogs and pats their back gently...and then runs back to the stroller to try to run them over again.

And last, but not least, she enjoys playing with my purse and my keys. Sometimes she just pulls everything out of the purse onto the floor. Sometimes she brings me each and every item, like in the following picture:

Here she is clearly making an appointment in my appointment book:
And getting ready to put on my hands free set for a very important call:

Aren't I cute?