Monday, March 7, 2011

Michaela's Birthday Parties

My lucky girl got two birthday parties this year; one for our family (which she shared with her cousin who also has a March birthday) and one for her little girlfriends.

We went pretty simple for the family one and had a great time enjoying pizza and hanging out at Dions (a GREAT local pizza joint).
Then we had her friend party which had a Princess Tea Party theme.  Oh my goodness, I had so much fun planning this and almost died from cuteness and pink overload!

Michaela had so much fun and now she has a big stockpile of new toys and goodies!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Michaela!

I just can't believe that you are 3!  When you turned 2, I was so amazed that you were actually a little girl; no longer my little baby.  I couldn't imagine you getting older, and yet here 3 is and it came oh so fast.  I can already see 4, 5, 6, and on, all lining up, jostling to get ahold of you and I know it will happen in the blink of an eye.  But I can't get ahead of myself now.  Right now I'm going to enjoy your three-ness.

The way that you have to do EVERYTHING all by yourself (and at your own excruciatingly slow pace).  The way that you wiggle away from me when I go in for a big kiss - apparently you're too big for that now - unless of course you initiate it yourself.  The way that you name all of your toys and narrate everything that you or your animals are doing all day long.  You are completely single minded.  If you get set on a task it is almost impossible to call you off of it.  It really drives me crazy when I am trying to get you to do something, but I know that trait will serve you well in the future.

You are SO smart!  I know every mom says that about her kids, but you really are!  I mean, you potty trained yourself!  You love school and are constantly amazing me by how much you understand.  And you have such an amazing heart.  You look after your brother and make sure that his needs are met.  If I don't take care of him to your standards you make sure to let me know what your "Guy" needs!

Physically, you haven't grown much.  Sorry kiddo, but you're always going to be small like your mama!  But your face has matured, and I can't even put your signature pigtails in your hair anymore because it looks to babyish!

I love every single thing about you right now (even when you are driving me crazy!) and I can't wait to see where another year takes us!  Happy birthday princess!