Tuesday, October 14, 2008

6 and counting?

This weekend we all piled into the car ready to go for a quick outing to the store. I started to pull out of the driveway and suddenly realized by looking in the rearview mirror that the neighbor behind us was also starting to pull out of his driveway. So I stopped the car and waited for him to go. He, being the nice neighbor that he is, motioned for me to go first. I, being the nice neighbor that I am, zoomed out of the driveway as fast as possible so that I could get out of his way. THUNK!!!! In my haste to get out of his way, I had failed to notice his other truck parked in the street slightly to the left behind my car. I had run straight into it! I quickly pulled my car away and went to check on the neighbor's car. I think he was in as much shock that I was that I had just ran into a parked car, but he was very nice about it. It was just a little scraping of paint on both our cars, and I told him I would pay for it, so it wasn't a huge deal. If he is smart, he won't claim it with his insurance. The sad thing though, is that this is not the first time that this has happened. In my illustrious car driving career, this is the SIXTH car that I have backed into! I don't know how I keep doing this! All I know is that the fact that Philip didn't get mad at me this time shows how common place this is becoming. :(


Kitty said...

Well, at least he and your husband didn't get mad!! =) Don't feel bad, I have had some embarrassing mishaps and they all happened in parking lots!! I'm glad this one is a simple fix, and I hope he doesn't report it to insurance either!!