Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chicago Trip - Part 1

Philip's cousin got married this past weekend in South Bend Indiana and had asked Michaela to be her flower girl. So this past Wednesday we loaded the kids into the van and headed out, knowing a 4 day road trip would be better than several hours on a plane with screaming children. Oh wait, no, we weren't that smart.

Actually, the flight over was fine. Other than me losing the folder with our passports, the kids birth certificates and our boarding passes. Yeah. Thankfully a very kind TSA agent found them and had Southwest page us. After that, things went smoothly. Michaela was kept occupied with various toys, books, and snacks, and Rafael slept most of the time. Michaela had a little bit of a meltdown when we landed, but that was understandable considering she had been up since 4:30am.

We rented a van and drove to our hotel in downtown Chicago. It was right on the river and so beautiful! After the kids took a little nap we headed out for a walk downtown and ended up at a huge public fountain in Millenium Park. Michaela had such a blast running around and getting soaked.

After we went back to the hotel to dry her off, we returned for dinner at a restaurant in the park.
This little bird had built a nest right over the entrance to the restaurant and attacked the back of my head right after I took this picture.
Then we visited the "bean," which was kind of cool.

Philip's mom flew in late that evening and the next morning we went to the Children's Museum on Navy Pier. The exhibits were amazing and we could have easily spent the rest of the day there if we hadn't of had to drive down to South Bend.