Saturday, November 21, 2009

40 Weeks Pregnant

Things that you can no longer do when you are 40 weeks pregnant:
*Tie your shoes
*Shave your legs
*Get up from a chair, couch, or floor, without help from someone or something else
*Eat an entire meal all at one time - there simply is not any room in your stomache which is being squished to the side by a 7-8 lb baby!
*Make any sort of permanent plans - everything is "maybe" or "if Rafael isn't born by then"
*Go without using the word "cervix" in at least one conversation a day
*Go without receiving a daily call from a family member asking "Is the baby here yet?" (P.S. I promise I will call as soon as something happens, ohmygoshpleasedon'taskthatagain!)

Things that you suprisingly CAN do when you are 40 weeks pregnant:
*Chase (and catch!) a toddler running full speed down the driveway and into the street.
*Pick up & comfort a 20 lb toddler who is crying because her toy was just stolen by another kid. *Hold a friends sleeping baby for an hour without it producing enough hormones to put you into labor (darn it!).
*Move and lift heavy boxes full of baby clothes and gear as you organize the new baby's room.
*Breathe comfortably since the baby is no longer pushing up against your ribs.

I honestly thought we would have our sweet little Rafael by now, but he is already shaping up to be a stubborn child with a mind of his own. My midwife has told me that sometimes when a woman has been induced with her first child, her body cannot go spontaneously into labor on its own. We have an induction scheduled for Tuesday, but I am really praying that I am able to go into labor before then. I have nothing to complain about my first birth experience, with a 5lb baby, you can't really complain! Yet Michaela's induction was medically necessary, and I was really hoping I would be able to avoid the restriction of an IV full of pitocin this time around. Oh well, at the least, by Thanksgiving we will have a new son to celebrate with!