Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sometimes it's really easy to get really down on my life and wish we had more. I see the families with nicer houses, nicer cars, money to go out and do amazing things with. I look around and think of the improvements I would make to our house and to our life if we had a little bit more money. I get jealous of the couples without children or with older children who can go out, go on vacation, go to the bathroom alone or take longer than a 5 minute shower while the baby is screaming in the background for goodness sake!

But then I realize.

We have a home that is ours. In a nice neighborhood, with enough room for our growing family. We are not upside down on our payments. We are not in any risk of losing it.

We have two vehicles that are ours free and clear. They are not the top of the line, but they are ours. We don't have to worry about monthly payments or unnecessary credit.

We have no outstanding debt and while it would be nice to have a bit more money, we have enough to create a safe little "just in case" nest egg for ourselves.

We have food in our stomaches, clothes on our backs, and a faith in God that will get us through anything.

We have two gorgeous kids who are normal, healthy and happy. They make my heart so full of love that sometimes it feels like it will burst.

And Philip and I. We have each other. We're a team in this marriage and a team in raising our children. We are the steady and safe foundation for our little family. Watching how hard Philip works to provide for us, and how loving he is towards me and the kids, I know just how lucky and blessed I am.
I've realized that if I spend my entire life thinking about what could be, or what it would be nice to have, I'll waste all the time I could have spent enjoying what is.

This is what is.

And it's perfect.


Anonymous said...

This is definitely the right perspective to have and something to remind yourself of often. It is easy to get caught up in what others have, but it robs you so much of gratitude for all you do have that so many do not. I try to stay focused on all the little blessings as well as the big ones that make my life so meaningful. Traci