Friday, May 7, 2010

She is very very sneaky...

Michaela isn't much of a dinner eater, but it's mostly because she eats so much the rest of the day. Usually if she does eat dinner, it's because it's a type of food she really really enjoys. So when I left her with a full plate the other night to go nurse the baby and came back to an empty plate, I was super glad that she liked my dinner.

Ok, to be honest I may have been completely disbelieving. I checked the usual culprits. There was no food in the trash can or on the floor. The dogs were outside, so she couldn't have given it to them. She hadn't thrown her full plate of food in the sink.

Allright, cool, I guess she really DID like my meal!

Until I found this the next day.
Clever girl.


Kristin J said...

LOL! That is really funny. She is smart. She probably knew you'd look everywhere but in the cup.

Tina said...

Haha! Guess you'll have another place to look next time ;-)