Monday, October 18, 2010

Butterfly Wings & Tutu's

Michaela was invited to her friend's butterfly tea party themed birthday party and I just about died from cuteness overload.  Seriously, the birthday girl's momma did a great job and the party was absolutely perfect!

They decorated and ate their own butterfly cookies.

The adorable tea table

Th birthday girl's baby sister got a little tutu action as well

Aren't these girls the cutest?
They loved their cups of tea and finger sandwiches.
 But of course, they're two, so their attentions quickly moved on to the outdoor toys sitting enticingly nearby.

 Michaela is jumping in this one, but doesn't it look like she's flying?

 When it was cake time, Michaela decided to blow the candles out before the birthday girl did...
 and then eat from the big cake instead of the tiny piece on a plate in front of her.
We'll have to work on that before her cousins birthday next weekend!


Tina said...

Those girls are too cute! Jen did a great job!

Racquel said...

O.M.G. She is so freakin cute!