Friday, October 29, 2010

Messy Monster

My little guy has been mobile for a few weeks now, and though it's totally adorable, it's also a lot of work!  For instance, he can make a perfectly clean room look like this in under five minutes!
He is so fast!  I will literally turn around to do something for thirty seconds, turn back around and he is gone!  Off to destroy something or get into the dogs water.
Speaking of which, he has encouraged my daughter to regress and start playing in the dogs water bowl with him.  Something that we beat out of her taught her not to do over a year ago.
He finds tons of other ways to be messy too.  Beside shoving food into his mouth as fast as his little hands can, this is his preferred method of eating.
He loves soups, stews, applesauce, yogurt, anything that is any sort of messy, but surprise surprise, he wants to eat it himself!  And since he doesn't have enough manual dexterity to handle the spoon very well, this is how it usually goes down!

He is definitely keeping me on my toes these days!