Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rescue Me

Things I have rescued from the trashcan today:
2 little people
1 pretend fork
1 plastic container
1 pretend french fry
1 sippy cup
1 pacifier

Things I have rescued from the toilet today:
little boy hands
reusable snack container
tampons (yes, again)

Things I have rescued from Rafael's mouth:
Fake flower petals
a stick
a knife (it was a butter knife, still not safe, but at least you won't report me to CPS, right?  Right?)
tampons (I know, I know)

I.  am.  exhausted.


Ruth Ann said...

lol at your post!!! I am sooo there! My 13 mo old does the exact same thing!!!! UHG!!! Cannot wait for her to get over her interest in the toilet!! It's so stressful to always ask all the family members 'Did you put the lid down?'!!

Kristin J said...

That is funny!! You really had a long day. I guess you can't use a toilet lock because M is potty trained. We got a super tall garbage can when my kids did that. . . but then I had to throw everything away for them which was a huge drawback. Hang in there!!