Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer Photos

Recap of our summer in photo form. *Warning!  Super long!* :)
4th of July

Me and my sister

Petting deer at the deer farm near our campsite


Us and The Packhams - our friends that we cabin camped with

Galloping Grace Ranch
Michaela got to ride a horse through a free program near our house

In return she had to help around the ranch, like grooming horses...

and scooping poo!

Michaela's Little Safari Class
Michaela took a Little Safari class this summer and learned all about nature, bugs, etc.

This was her end-of-class field trip to the Rio Grande Nature Center

Daddy and brother tagged along

Relay for Life
My sisters and I had a Relay for Life team in honor of our Aunt Donna and in memory of my mom and father in law

MOMS Club Fun
Water playdate at my house

Playing with sidewalk chalk in my driveway

Michaela and Rafael chillin' with their besties

Messy playdate at my house

Going to the zoo with some of our mommy friends

Fun with Friends
Cousin night!

Pool day with her friend Ariela!

Chillin' with Daddy

Teaching them how to use a spirograph

Planting a plant

Daddy showing a frog he found
Eating breakfast together - Rafael doesn't use a high chair anymore!

Relaxing and playing with the ipad together

Meeting Elmo at a local play area

One of her creative summer outfits - chosen by herself of course

We attempted to put them in the same room.  It didn't work - we'll try again this Christmas!