Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rafael's Birthday Parties

My little boy turned 1 last week!  He had his family birthday party on Saturday at his Ninas' house and it was so much fun!  We did a Monster themed brunch, and I had a blast making the "monster" food.  We had a green chile breakfast casserole, fruit, Monster Toes (sausages), Monster Fingers (french toast sticks), Monster Eyes (donut holes), Monster Blood (blueberry pomegranate juice), OJ and muffins.  By the way, those muffins are a huge step for me.  My poor Michaela wasn't even allowed to have sugar on her first birthday, at least these muffins had a tiny bit of sugar and some chocolate chips!

 His favorite toy was one of the balloons that we had bought.  So happy!
 I want to grab that candle!
 Yummy!  Sugar!
 I love my nina!
Our friends and family

 Michaela decided to take a break from the party with her friend by taking a nap.  And by taking a nap I mean screaming and giggling together for 10 minutes while they pretended to close their eyes.

 He was so happy that day and in such a great mood being the center of attention!
 And he made out like a bandit!
I have some truly great friends and family!

By the way, he had a great birthday party a couple of weeks ago with our MOMS Club family, many of whom were planning to be out of town this weekend.  Such a lucky boy to have two birthdays!