Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pee Pee in the Potty...then the Bathtub...

Michaela has secretly been using the potty for the last few days.  Wait wait wait.  Let me rewind.

For several months Michaela has asked occasionally to sit on the potty so that she could pee.  Every single time I would stop whatever I was doing and go in there with her and watch her sit on the potty, but she would never ever go.  Every.  Single.  Time.  So finally I got to the point where I just told her to go by herself.  I knew she wasn't going to pee, so I didn't even bother going with her.

The last few days she has been asking to go much more frequently but I just assumed it was because we've been telling her so often that she is going to be potty trained when daddy is home for winter break.

Except today right after she said that she went potty ("Oh good job baby girl!  That's awesome that you are practicing to go potty even though I know that you don't actually go!"), I had to go to the bathroom as well.  As I was in the bathroom, Michaela ran in and said, "Look mama I went potty!" and pointed to the bathtub.  Confused, I looked in the bathtub and saw some liquid.  Some liquid that I thought was just an overturned bottle of shampoo for the past few days.  (Yes, we haven't given the kids a bath in 3 days.  Yes it's gross, we simply have been away every single night and it just hasn't happened!)  Then I looked back at her little potty and saw a tiny drop of liquid there.  The lightbulb clicked.  That huge puddle of 'soap' collecting in the tub with the drain closed was not soap.  It was pee.  Probably from the last couple of days.  Gross.

"Michaela, did you empty the potty full of pee pee into the bathtub?"

"Yes mama, I cleaned up my pee pee!"

Suffice it to say, the bathtub got a thorough bleaching and Michaela got a huge hug, and M&M, and a thorough lesson on how we dispose of our pee pee into the big potty.


Kristin J said...

Awww what a smart girl to know she needed to empty her potty! That is a great story.

Tina said...

Hehe, you'll definitely need to remind her of this when she is potty training her own children!