Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wii Fit Wednesday

Here are the numbers:

Weight - 165.6
BMI - 32.51

Yikes! From 2 weeks ago, I actually went up a little bit in weight! I blame it on the early holiday snacking I've been doing. :( Also, with the cold weather, I start to crave heavier meals like creamy soups and cheese engulfed lasagna. I'm too much a food lover to give these up, but today was a real wake up call. From now on, I really need to work on portion control, especially with Thanksgiving coming up. The holidays are always my weak spot, but if I can really get my self control together and not go overboard I think I should be ok. Also, I know that tea or a broth based soup makes you feel fuller, so I think I will start each meal with either one of those and see if it helps. :{


Kristie said...

I know, this is such a hard season to lose weight!! Keep trying, you'll get there!!

I read your comment, about the sick baby... it's so good you're still breastfeeding. Jamey has the four older kids all in school, and he never got sick till I stopped nursing, so I bet that will protect your little one.

Does your husband teach in this area? My kids are in 3 different schools, I wonder if one of them has him??

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Weight Watchers has a great broth based soup recipe, "Garden Vegetable Soup." Have you tried it?