Tuesday, January 19, 2010

101 in 1001

Have you ever heard of the 101 in 1001 project? I just discovered this amazing idea a few weeks ago and decided I have to try it. I am so horrible with following through on things that I want to do, but I think keeping this list will really help keep me accountable.

Here's the skinny: You have 1001 days to accomplish 101 goals. The goals have to be specific, from many areas of your life, realistic, measurable, and self-stretching. The question I kept asking myself as I added goals was "Will this make you happier in the long run?" My start date is February 1st and I'll try to update everyone periodicallyon how I'm doing. If any of you start a list, I'd love to hear about it!

I have:
1001 days
143 weeks
33 months
2.75 years

and will end on:
Sunday, October 28, 2012

Here are my goals:

1. Get a professional massage
2. Write a funeral service for self (I know this seems morbid, but what a help it would be for family if anything ever happened to me!)
3. Get a very short haircut
4. Get sized and invest in very good (supportive) bras

5. Download music for a travel CD
6. Don’t use any technology (computer/tv/radio) 1 day a week (0/143)
7. Watch TV only 5 hours a week while kids are awake for 6 months (0/6) (0/33)
8. Scan and put all important documents/photos/etc on dvd or usb drive
9. Transfer all important things off gray laptop
10. Don’t watch soaps for a month and use time for more productive things (0/30)

11. Talk to Ivana about dad
12. Try to do a family game night once a month (0/33)
13. Throw Philip a kick ass 30th bday party

14. Go away for a weekend on our own.
15. Date night at least every other month (0/17)
16. Have sex at least 3 times a month (0/99) - don't laugh if you have a fabulous 3 times a night sex life. Try having two back to back kids and sleep schedules that don't line up and THEN tell me how often you have sex. If it's still 3 times a night...well...how nice.
17. Read 5 Love Languages
18. Make Philip a boudoir calendar

Travel & Entertainment
19. Go on a cruise
20. Go to a movie in the theater - haven't been to one in THREE years!
21. Ride the tram to the top of Sandia
22. Watch all seasons of Lost
23. Watch all seasons of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - shut up, I love them but they are an hour each so they take forever!

24. Make homemade sandwich bread
25. Preserve fruit
26. Make a pie crust from scratch
27. Make chili
28. Make tamales
29. Perfect a malt recipe
30. Make a delicious dish with red chile and chocolate
31. Create a signature cocktail
32. Try 101 new recipes (0/101)

33. Make a scrapbook for each year of Michaela’s life
34. Make a scrapbook for each year of Rafael’s life
35. Make wedding scrapbook
36. Copy pics from moms picture albums & give to girls
37. Make & sell items in a craft fair
38. Make iron pad
39. Make Michaela kitchen
40. Turn old cards into new ones
41. Print all craft/recipes
42. Organize all craft/recipes
43. Make a quiet/fine motor skills book
44. Make 101 different things (0/101)

45. Make Advent calendar
46. Make every gift that I give for Christmas

47. Get down to 145 and keep weight 5lb within that for at least 6 months (0/6) (0/33)
48. Walk the run for the zoo or other charity walk - not ready to take on running yet, maybe after I finish this list I'll start a new one!
49. Go to the dentist - haven't been since I got my braces off, eek!
50. Get records on mole that was removed
51. Take a multivitamin every day for 6 months (0/6) (0/1001)
52. Find a family doctor
53. Get a complete physical every year (0/3)
54. Buy and use a pedometer
55. Do cardio at least 3 times a week for six months (0/72) (0/429)

56. Read all Jane Austen books again
57. Re-teach self Spanish
58. Read histories of Catholicism books
59. Teach Philip Spanish
60. Read 101 new books (0/101)

61. Write a will
62. Designate guardians
63. Potty train Michaela before she is 3
64. Open savings account for Rafael
65. Wean Rafael from pacifier and boob before 15 months
66. Potty Train Rafael before he is 3
67. Do 101 crafts with kids (0/101)

68. Paint living room & kitchen ceiling
69. Decorate Michaela’s room
70. Decorate Rafael’s room
71. Paint hallway
72. Decorate bathroom
73. Order and hang up pictures
74. Get St. Anne from Eddie
75. Buy a St. Rafael & St. Michael
76. Clean out/ replenish wardrobe
77. Trim trees in front
78. Remove tree in back
79. Landscape back yard
80. Start and maintain a garden
81. Update and Follow cleaning lists
82. Buy fireproof safe
83. Make my own cleaning products
84. Buy blinds

85. Say the rosary every day
86. Read 1 book of the bible a month until have read the entire bible (0/33)
87. Family prayer every day
88. Go to confession at least once a month (0/33)
89. Read the entire Catechism

90. Write a book
91. Complete 365 days of one minute writer (0/365)
92. Write something for money

93. Set up and follow a monthly budget (0/33)
94. Tithe every month (0/33)
95. Go an entire month without spending money on non-essentials (0/30)
96. Enter receipts at least once a week (0/143)

To Be Determined


Kristin J said...

Whew. I'm exhausted just reading your list. But the good news is that you have plenty of time to tackle it! I can't wait to read about your progress and am hoping that your achievements will inspire me to make my own list.

Jennifer said...

This is awesome!! AND I think it is a MARVELOUS idea to get older kids involved with this! I have teenage boys who wonder around clueless most of the time! This would give them something to put some thought and activity into! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Lynne said...

Wow! What a list! I don't have a list but I certainly can relate to many on yours. Lots of luck to reach your goals!