Sunday, January 10, 2010

Michaela's Words

My little sponge was a slow starter for talking, but lately has been picking up words right and left. Here are some of the words Michaela can say now:

knee-yo - cheerios or any cereal
knee- cheese, snake
awa - agua (water)
mowe-more, mouth
bow - ball, bird, brother, or bigo (belly button)
poe - poop
guy - Rafael
mao- mouse
rawr - dinosaur, bear, tiger, lion, etc
nigh- night
mummy- mommy
ewe- ear
baa - bad
ha - hot
appow - apple, elbow, red
boo- book
ti ti - chi chi (boobs)

It may not be much but I'm a quiet person and I can tell that her verbal skills are fine in other ways. She understands pretty much everything and is able to follow two or three step commands or instructions. She's also starting to put together two words at a time to form simple sentances. Soon she'll be chattering away like crazy, so I need to write this down now so I can remember her sweet little voice and her first attempts at communication.


Anonymous said...

I love that she calls Rafael guy! So stinkin' cute!!
-Amy M.