Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life

Shhh, come real close so I can tell you a little secret...being a mom is pretty hard. I know, shocking right? In our average work day, we deal with bosses who are not only critical and demanding but who are also constantly undervaluing and under-appreciating us. We rarely get bathroom or lunch breaks and don't get evenings or weekends off either. Some days are so exhausting, both physically and emotionally, that they bring us to tears and make us long for our carefree child-free days of being in the workplace or on the college campus.

Yesterday was one of those days. Michaela didn't take much of a nap and Rafael was a little clingy after getting his shots. As I sat on the floor with Rafael pressed up against one shoulder, rocking Michaela back and forth to calm her from a huge meltdown, I had an odd thought running through my head: God, I love my children so much! Even though it was the low point of our day, I also felt such an overwhelming love for my kids and such pride in my ability to relax them and show them how much they are cared for.

Our job is hard, but isn't every job? If the alternative is working an easy 9-5 and going home to an empty lonely life, I wouldn't want to trade. Besides, I get some truly amazing benefits. I get a toddler running up to me and planting a wet kiss on my lips. I get to nuzzle the soft downy head of my newborn as I rock him to sleep. I get to share my day every evening with a husband who works hard to enable me to stay home with our kids, and who loves and appreciates me. Despite the hard work, it really is a wonderful life.