Sunday, February 14, 2010

What We've Been Up To...

Michaela got to hang out with her new bestie this week. They are about a month apart and get along great! They used to be frenemies but I think they've finally realized that they really like each other. They also went to Burger King and played on the structure together (ohmygod my baby is old enough to play on those things!) but I didn't get any pictures.
I got the chance co-plan the Valentines Party for my MOMS Club this year. The kids would have been content just playing with the balloons but we had lots of fun activities planned. They got to decorate their little favor bags with crayons and foam sticker hearts.
We had a Heart Hunt where they ran around grabbing paper hearts which they then exchanged for toys and candy.We got to decorate sugar cookies with colored icing, sprinkles and mini m&m's.
Michaela with her BFF again. :) Rafael hanging out with daddy. Family picture. It was the end of the party and they were both a little tired and cranky. Later we went to the circus! My dad and stepmom bought the tickets for Michaela's birthday gift and she loved it! I'm not sure if she liked the tigers or dancing dogs better, but the parts with animals were definitely her favorites. She also got to ride a pony at intermission with the help of her grandpa. We didn't get to stay for the second half because it was already 9:30pm and she was fading fast, but it was still so much fun.