Monday, March 15, 2010

Michaela's Birthday

Things have been so crazy, I haven't had a chance to write about Michaela's birthday almost twoo weeks ago! Michaela woke up to find her birthday present waiting for her in the living room: a play kitchen! ($15 at a consignment store!)

Then she got to eat "cake" for breakfast! (No, she is not about to blow out those lit candles, she is about to stuff them in her mouth! I had to grab them out of her hand before she burned her mouth. Yikes, I guess we should have practiced.)

We went to the zoo after breakfast. It was such beautiful weather and she had such a great time. I think this will be a new birthday tradition for us!

That weekend we had her birthday party. It was butterfly themed, so in addition to fruit, veggies, and chips we had butterfly shaped chex mix snacks, and butterfly cupcakes.

The party was at the park. It was a teeny bit windy, but overall, we had a lot of fun. We had invited family, family friends and lots of mine and Michaela's good friends from the MOMS Club so there was a great turnout!
Michaela decided she'd rather play on the playground than open her gifts so she quietly sneaked away while I opened them for her.

She had fun though, and loved all her new toys once we got home!


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