Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

The great thing about Philip being a teacher is that we get him all to ourselves during the school breaks. We had such a great time with him this week. Monday and Tuesday we took advantage of his being home to get some serious spring cleaning done.

Wednesday we went to the zoo and met up with our good friends the Johnstons.

Thursday we did some more cleaning and hanging out, then that evening we went out to dinner on the fly. We went to a local vietnamese restaurant (which Michaela loved!) and then on the way home decided to stop by the library for awhile. We had a great time reading and checking out a few fun books.
Friday we went to see Walking with Dinosaurs - which was one of Michaela's birthday presents. It was such a great show, and both kids did amazing. Rafael slept through most of it and Michaela was completely amazed with the huge dinosaurs.

Saturday, in true New Mexico spring break fashion, we got a huge dumping of snow. We took the kids outside and had a blast playing with it before it started melting. (Snow doesn't stick around long here. Usually if it snows overnight, it melts by that afternoon.)

We are going to miss having Philip around!