Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fall Recap - Big Stuff

Recap of our Fall in Photo Form because I've been too lazy to do any posts!  Warning, they'll be a few more long photo posts coming up soon!  (Some of you may have seen most of this on Facebook, but since I plan on printing this out some day as a scrapbook, I figure it'll be good to get this all on here!).

Ballet Class
Michaela took a ballet class through the community center this Fall and absolutely loved it!  She just started up again last week and is so happy!
Practicing Plie's - she's the one in the bright pink pants!

Waiting Off Stage for her end of year performance
State Fair
We once again went to the State Fair in September - something the kids always enjoy!
Watching the cows get milked - ever since then she is so proud to know where milk comes from!

Family Outings
We really tried to make a point of taking the kids out as a family after Phil started his school semester at work.  We went on tons of fun "field trips"!

NM Museum of Natural History

Super excited to see Nemo and Dorie!

He LOVED the volcano floor - Michaela stayed far far away from it.
Feeding the ducks our old bread
Home Depot Kids Workshop
She made a valiant attempt to make the little storage caddy...

...but the call of free hotdogs and chips was too great!

Daddy ended up finishing.

Balloon Fiesta
Albuquerque hosts one of the biggest Hot Air Balloon gatherings in the world - we are so lucky to live here!  We went to a balloon glow one night - it is where they keep the balloons on the field and light up in various patterns.  So beautiful!
Hanging with Tia Racquel!

We have balloons flying over our house from late September through March-ish.  It is really cool!
 Pumpkin Patch
Riding a Horse

A new hospital just opened up in our area and they had a HUGE Grand Opening to celebrate.  Who can turn down free bounce houses, games and food?

Daddy Days/Dates
Philip started instituting Daddy Dates with Michaela and Daddy Days with Rafael to get some one on one time with them.  It's not super often, maybe every couple of months, but the kids love them!  The first one, he took them each seperately (on different days) to the Aquarium/Botanic Gardens.


I think they both really enjoy having that special time with Daddy!

Chillin' w/ Friends
The kids got a lot of opportunities to hang out with their friends since I was a babysitting fool this fall!  One of my friends said she saw into my evil plan - store up babysitting favors now so that I can use them all up when the baby is born!  Muah-ha-ha!

They also went to tons of bday parties this fall!

First time at a bounce house playroom bday party!

Beating up a Pinata at her bestie's Halloween Themed party

Hanging out at their cousin's bday party
The kids were Jesse and Woody from Toy Story
All homemade costumes - I am so proud!

Philip had class that evening so we went Trick or Treating with some friends.

So cute!

Visiting Tio Norm at the Fire Station
My brother in law, who is a firefighter, moved to the station right next to our house so we decided to visit one day when they weren't busy.

The kids had so much fun!

That's all our "big" stuff, stay tuned for more!