Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fall Recap - Little Stuff

While I was doing my last post and uploading photos of all the exciting things we did this past Fall, I realized that most of the photos I wanted to post were completely unexciting, everyday things.  So here's what happened in our day-to-day life this fall.

Rafael started joining Michaela and I during our school-at-home time.  It was a rocky start while we figured each other out.  Like me learning never to leave Michaela's dry-erase-marker work out with him nearby...

And to put a lock on my homeschooling cabinet!

They both had way too many moments of general cuteness!

They both got used to the idea of "babies in tummies" since both I and their Tia Racquel were pregnant.
This is supposed to be the baby in their Tia's tummy

This is supposed to be the baby in my tummy
They had a lot of snuggle time with Philip and I

Rafael proved he was a hungry growing boy by always eating all of Michaela's food after she ate her "required" 3 bites.
He also started becoming more independent - entering the "I do it all by myself" phase!

Michaela finally had legs long enough to ride the tricycle she got last Christmas - and she took her brother along for the ride!
The kids were obsessed with our massive leave piles out front.  All I had to do to get a few minutes to myself were bundle them up and take them to the front yard.  They would play for a good 45 minutes in those leaves while I read or worked on the computer in my little lawn chair!

I love looking back at pictures and watching my little ones grow up!