Monday, July 28, 2008

Home again...

Road trip over, most disasters averted. We are home from our week-long trip to grandma's, and our experimental, first long road trip with baby. The road itself was not to bad. Michaela slept most of the way, and when she was hungry we would pull over at a rest stop or picnic area to feed her. On the way over, we stopped in Pecos overnight. Unfortunately, our room (one of the best I could find) was dirty, mildewy and not anywhere I would want my precious baby to lay her tired head. What could we do? We made the best of the situation and decided that next time we would stop in Fort Stockton. Oh well. The second day of driving was not too bad, although by the time we reached San Antonio, Michaela was definitely ready to get out of the evil carseat. Highlights of the trip:

*We got to eat lots of yummy vietnamese food, thanks to Philip's mama.

*Michaela got to meet her Uncle Paul and cousin Breanna (unfortunaly all the other cousins were sickos, so she'll have to wait until next time to meet them), and Great Aunt and second cousins.

*Michaela had her "coming out party" for all of Philip's mom's friends. She was charming all the women, and flirting with all the men as she giggled and cooed her way through the dinner. I take solace in the fact that she has about 10 various pairs of Grandma's and Granpa's whenever we visit San Antonio.

*Michaela got to take studio pictures for Grandma. Even though was in a bad mood and didn't smile for any of the pictures, they still came out beautiful. Gosh that girl is going to be a heartbreaker when she grows up.

The trip back was pretty uneventful, other than the fact that Michaela, who already hated her car seat, probably hates it much more now that she has had to endure almost 4 full days stuck in it in the past week. I love San Antonio, but I am always so glad to come home. There is no place like Albuquerque for me. When I catch a glimpse of the Sandias, oh, I can't even describe it. Until next time...