Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Top 10 Things in Mommy Land

In no particular order:

*Waking up to the feel of Michaela's little fists beating against me, and opening my eyes to her huge smile.

*The fresh baby smell that lasts for hours after she takes bath.

*Watching Philip and Michaela play together.

*Having a "conversation" with Michaela as she coos and gurgles.

*The way I feel when I can calm her down or make her smile by just holding her and kissing her.

*The sound of her giggle.

*Having the confidence that Philip will do whatever it takes to keep Michaela safe and happy (other than changing her poopy diapers!)

*Nursing her and feeling the love and warmth that we share at those moments.

*Sleeping with her little sleeping body wrapped in my arms.

*Looking at Michaela and being able to recognize both Philip's and my features in this beatiful little creature.

As a side note: I found a new favorite website today with really hilarious articles. Check it out!