Monday, July 14, 2008

Missed a first....

My goodness today has been a busy day! We met with my sister's neighbor/Realtor/friend to crunch some numbers and see what our house is worth. After she left we decided that we're going to go ahead and put our house on the market and look for a better house for ourselves. For right now that means packing up our excess stuff (and trust me, with a baby we have alot of excess stuff) so that our house does not look cluttered to a potential buyer. Let me tell you, I have already packed up two boxes of books, and my bookshelf does not look any less cluttered!

Also, Michaela rolled over for the first time today! And of course, aspiring Domestic Diva that I am, I had the video camera already focused on her and recording as I encouraged her from the sidelines to finally get over that arm of hers and roll over. NOT!!!! I had of course plopped her down on her playmat so that I could get some chores done, went into the office to grab a pen, and when I came out little Michaela was on her tummy, whereas seconds ago she had been on her back. I missed my first baby's first roll over! Alas. Hopefully I'll be there the first time she rolls from her tummy to her back.