Thursday, August 7, 2008

Puppy, puppy, baby crying

Whew, today has been hectic! We finally met with our realtor this morning to sign some papers and put the lockbox on. Our house is officially on the market!!!! Other than that we spent the morning doing last minute touch-ups to the house and packing for our trip to San Francisco.

The real highlight of my morning, however, was taking the dogs to the kennel. Two very hyper doggies (one of them howling because he's afraid of the car) plus a screaming baby (who hates her carseat) equals a very stressful car trip. Not to mention that our vet & kennel are on the complete opposite side of town. Or that there was construction on the bridge going to that side of town. Or that since I never leave the house anymore I forgot how long it takes to get to the vet even without construction!

Well, now we are off to the airport for our first flight with baby! I have no idea what it will be like, but in the interest of making our encounter with security a little less traumatizing for all involved, I will not be taking my laptop. How I am going to get through an entire weekend without my daily blogger fix, I have no idea! See ya monday!!!!!!


Megan said...

Good luck selling your house. We just went through the whole process and I have vowed to never move again.

I also have a dog who hates car rides. Frozen peanut butter kongs do wonders for the nerves. Hmm, wonder if that would work for baby too? Kidding!

A.D. McClish said...

Wow, I have been there before. I hope your trip went ok! When my son was a year old, we flew to Minnesota to visit family. Our trip was...interesting. Not a total disaster but stressful enough that we haven't flown since! :)