Thursday, August 14, 2008

San Francisco!

Our trip was fabulous! Technically we were staying at Philip's brother's house in Hayward, which is a suburb of Oakland, but in my little New Mexico mind, we were in San Francisco. All of Philip's brothers and his mom came and we all just hung out and had a good time. I was very proud of Michela, she did much better on the flights than I thought she would. She pretty much just nursed and napped the whole time!

In a trolley in Monterrey.

She loved looking at the fish in the aquarium in Monterrey!

Our happy little family.

Us, Phil's mom, and two of his brothers. (The other one is taking the picture).

On a boat tour in San Francisco.

Going under the Golden Gate Bridge.
The famous sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf

Going home!


Megan said...

What a happy baby! You have an adorable family!